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Llando Ford 04.12.2003 Saturday

Dear Entrepreneur!

If you are desperate promoting your offer and you feel that there is something wrong because you don´t get the desired results, if you are disappointed doing hard work sitting at your computer with burning eyes and tensed back wasting all your free time and your money. If all the people around you are telling , it has no sense, but you are convinced to succeed and don´t want to give up. If you are still searching for the ultimate collection of informations and tools which will help you to generate your desired income, I WELCOME YOU ! You are GUARANTEED on the right place. The information you will finde here is the Secret Key to Success used by the most famous Marketing gurus, the "Sign Post" to your long desired success, the tools which will increase your income from now on at least 200%.

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Let´s face it. If you would have been active in the Internet Marketing in the good old times- about 8 years ago you would be today a very rich man. In those times, you didn´t have do too much to make sales, just send out one million emails a day with your offers, to adresses collected from newsgroups and different ISPs, and boom, you have received thousends of orders over night. You couldnt count your money, as quique as it came. That you haven´t done this is not your fault. You were too young, your interests layed in another direction, simply the life was not so much computer related as today.

Today, you wish to improve your financial situation, you want to the top. But today you need a little bit more just like a simple bulk mailer program and some email adresses.

If you want I mean really want to succeed you need:

  • * a product that sells good,
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You have seen sites of this kind all around. All of them are promissing you that you will make money in the next hours or days with them if you will subscribe and will promote their offers. But wery few of them are ready to share with you their advertising secrets. How to generate leads, how to proceed if you have low or no advertising budget. Nobody tells you where and which way you should advertise and how to track your advertisment. Think about it. If you know how to advertise, from whom you learned it? If you are new to the internet you are probably disappointed because without a plan and the necessary techniques and tools your promotions can´t bring any results.Think about it. Wouldn´t it be the greatest value for you to know how to do it professionaly?
Well, I can assure you are on the right way to learn the most effective methods of making money online. You are here now to find better, advertising tools because the most of the informations you have found till this day, were simply not effective enough for you. Now you can breath freely. From now on the business you wish to run so much, will START TO GENERATE INCOME FOR YOU. Here you will get all that supply of advertising techniques and tools you need to

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I don´t ask you to sign up with me, I don´t ask you to promote what I promote, I am just directing you to the tools what I am using successfuly to generate around $5,000.00 in a month.
Not too long time ago I was looking for the same as you now -- the right way to success. It was a hard to get here where I am now. Like the most of you probably, I was cheated, I was riped off, I´ve lost a lot of money and every day a little bit from my hopes. Until one day I have found the right way on a simple site which saved me. I have learned within few hours how to plan, how to promote my business. I follow that plan now and I get better and better results every day. You can start today to follow the 9 steps Plan of the FREE Ad Guru
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Beeing absolutely certain that many of you have to fight with the same problems as I did, not too long ago, I have created this site, to direct you to the sources which will bring you the fastest results, to be a back up for new and experienced marketers, to provide you the latest news, to aware you from mistakes and fraud from others.
The amazing knowledge what stays before you is the Knowledge of Marketing Gurus who know everything about the internet. This knowlege will bring your breakthrough and the same time will aware you from fraud and wrong decisions.

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The Internet is changing wery fast. New great money making Ideas appear day by day and it can be a very positive effect for your wallet if you are up date with them. This is one more huge reason why you have to follow the must successful internet marketers. They have the potential to test every technique, every tool before they start to use it in big campaignes.
They can provide you with todays hot selling products, they can recognize what are the urgent needs of today, you can sell online.
The best way to become successful and make money on the Internet is to follow the marketers who are allready successful. Copy them and you will be successful just as same as they are. Nothing easyer like that when those marketers reveal their secrets to you with the Guarantee that you will succeed if you follow their well proven methods of making money.

It is a well known fact that 95% of all the people who are trying to make money in the Internet fail. You will not. You are now in the lucky situation to have the leading marketing gurus as teacher.
Or you want to learn and experiece everything by yourself? Your choice...!
The word Guru is from Sanscrit and means darkness Gu and brightness Ru. It refers a person who will guide you from the darkness to brightness if you let him guide you. He will help you to make your plan and will help you to fulfill it.
Let´s have an example used by my mentor: You would not climb the highest mountain of the world without the guidance of somebody who knows allready the way and climbed that mountain several times allready.
You need somebody who will teach you the secrets which will remain hidden for 95% of the surfers, who will never make a dime with Internet Marketing.

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